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West Pomeranian Province

Reference: DA 2136

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West Pomeranian Province

Reference: DA 2136

Price: Price on request

Property specification:

POLAND - West Pomeranian voivodeship


1. A building with a restaurant kitchen and 6 rooms with kitchenettes on the ground floor, a business apartment and a dance hall on the first floor – a total of 540 m2
2. Restaurant room – 220 m2
3. Recreation room with 2 conference rooms, laundry room (ground floor) and 16 hotel rooms with a wide, straight corridor (1st floor) – a total of 966 m2
4. Hotel reception with lift (ground floor) and 2 recreation rooms (1st fllor) – a total of 228 m2
5. Conference and concert hall with toilets (ground floor) and 13 hotel rooms with a wide, straight corridor (1st floor) – a total of 878 m2
6. Ceramic forge and fire station – a total of 120 m2
7. Brick event shed with toilets – a total of 324 m2
8. 3-storey, brick warehouse (with possibility of adapting to hotel rooms) – a total of 1.520 m2
9. A brick boiler room with facilities – a total of 81 m2
10. 3-storey, brick warehouse no. 1 (with possibility of adapting to hotel rooms) – a total of 1.800 m2

PALACE Description and details

11. 2-storey, brick warehouse no. 2 (with possibility of adapting to a stable, cowshed, etc.) – a total of 1.074 m2
12. Grain warehouse with a dryer and attic for hay (with possibility of adapting to a stable, a cowshed, a hangar for rourist and leisure equipment) – a total of 1.175 m2 + hayloft: 470 m2
13. Building of an electrical switching station with a power generator – a total of 24 m2
14. Workshop building – a total of 492 m2
15. A barn with a metal roof structure – a total of 630 m2
16. Siemczyno palace (basement, ground floor, first fllor, low and high attic) – a total of ab. 3.100 m2:
17. Electrical switchboard building - 9 m2
18. A building with 6 guest rooms – a total of 190 m2


Hotel complex – characteristics and history

The hotel complex includes buildings from No. 1 to 5 and 18. The hotel complex was arranged in restored outbuildings and farm buildings. The total usable floor area of the hotel is 3,022 m2. The farm part with outbuildings was established at the end of the second half of the 19th century. In 2008-2012, outbuildings and farm buildings underwent major renovation and adaptation for hotel purposes. The complex is under the care of voivodeship conservator.

a) Building no. 1 – Kitchen with kitchen facilities
Fully equipped and adapted to handle large events (200 or more guests at the same time). In outdoor events, it supports the service of guests with up to 1000 people at the same time. The facilities include: changing room and toilet for staff, fresh and packed food storage, vegetable prep, cold store, dish washing room with automatic dishwasher, kitchen. Kitchen appliances powered by electricity and gas.

b) Building no. 2 - Bar
Equipped with an electronic sales service system (so-called Gastro POS) and inventory tracking. The system is integrated with the general electronic system of settlements and reservations as well as room management.

c) Building no. 2 – Restaurant room
With an area of 220 m2. Holds up to 200 people sitting at the same time. It has direct communication with a dance hall with an area of 200 m2 (building No. 1) and a recreation room (building No. 3)

d) Building no. 3 – A recreation room with an area of 230 m2
Connects directly to the restaurant room. It is equipped with sanitary facilities for guests, couches, armchairs, benches, billard and ping-pong tables, a system of hangers for paintings, and cubicles for displaying sculptures.

e) Building no. 3 – two conference and event rooms with a total area of approx. 100 m2 adjacent to the Recreation Room.

f) Building no. 4 – reception with an area of 80 m2
It has a fully equipped computer station, including a reception computer and database servers. It also has a magnetic card programmer for the system of electronic locks and closed zones. It also has a system of reservations, settlements and sales combined in one with sales on the bar and in the kitchen. The reception has a modern, 8-person lift, also adapted for the transport of disabled people.

g) Building no. 5 – conference and concert hall
With an area of over 400 m2, 300 seats. It has a stage, equipment for sounding, lighting and projection with a drop-down screen. Side walls with a system of hangers for the presentation of paintings, photographs, conference boards. There are toilets next to it.

h) Buildings no. 3-5 and 18 = 33 hotel rooms with bathrooms
Room equipment fully meets modern hotel standards. Among other they have electronic locks with a magnetic card system that also activate electricity in the room. They are equipped with modern heating and air- conditioning systems thanks to the ecological boiler room for heat pumps commissioned for use in 2019.

i) Buildings no. 1 and 18 - 7 rooms with kitchenette
Each room with a bathroom additionally has a kitchenette. The equipment fully meets modern hotel standards. Electronic locks and electric energy are activated by a magnetic card system.

The facility also has utility and storage rooms adapted for hotel service. In 2019, an ecological boiler room equipped with 220 kW heat pumps was commissioned for use. The bottom source is forty 100-meter wells. On the other hand, the upper heat source consists of 82 fan coils disposed in the entire facility supplied by heat pumps.

Palace and park complex - characteristics

a) The palace:

Built in 1726.

Building area of the palace - about 1.100 m2.

Total usable space – 3.100 m2.

Number of storeys – 3 + very high 2-storey attic.

Water – municpal water supply.

Own sewage.

It has a valid building and conservation decision for renovation.

Basements and main entrance with a ballroom on the ground floor after renovation, adapter to an interactive exhibition of the Baroque period.

Most cellars with monastic vaults.

Cellars heated by heat pumps.

2-storey attic with a beautiful wooden structure after renovation adapted to the "Universal of Various Crafts/Uniwersalium Rzemiosł Różnych".

Roof over the main body and guest wing after a major refurbishment (in 2016-2018).

Most of the ground floor and the entire first fllor for renovation.

Salons on the ground fllor and the first floor connected by raffle calls.

To renovate the kitchen wing.

The palace entered into the register of monuments under No. 249 (19/03/1960). 

b) The park: 

Park in the vast majority of deciduous trees. 

Hornbeam and lime alleys preserved. 

Orderly and deprived of bushes. 

The existing stand requires maintenance and new plantings. 

Park ponds after overhaul (completed in April 2015). 

An evacuation tunnel with a length of approx. 100 m available for sightseeing. 

It has only been partially preserved. The remaining part was destroyed as a result of sewage works in the park carried out at the beginning of the 1960s. 

Park entered into the register of monuments uner No. 1103 (12/06/1980). 

c) Historical outline of the palace and park:

In a large, more than 3 ha park, founded in the 18th century, consisting of oaks, maples, spruces and a beautiful hornbeam avenue, there is one of the largest Baroque palace in the Drawsko Lakeland. It was built in 1722-1726, later enlarged 

Description and details by the southern and northern wing. The main body was erected on a horseshoe plan, with a terrace in the middle, covered with a mansard roof. The right wing has a basement and a two-story roof covered with a gable roof. The left wing has a basement with a turret, covered with a 2-slope roof with a pediment and a 2- storey turret covered with a tent roof. On the axis of the palace there is a clearing with a rectangular pond and, individually or in groups, planted old trees. 

Little was left of the old equipment of the palace. There are 3 fireplaces, one of them with Dutch tiles and plaster stucco in one of the palace rooms on the first floor. 

The palace consists of three parts:

a) Main body in the shape of an elongated rectangle with deep corner breaks atthe eastern façade.

b) The southern wing (rectangle) connected to the break of the main building. 

c) Northern wing (a rectangle in a projection) with a square annex in the plan from the east.

The main body of the palace is completely basement, two-storey, covered with a mansard roof (the cover is made of carp tiles). On the eastern side, with a high basement between the projections, a 2-story veranda supported by the pillars is built in. 

The southern wing has a basement and a two-storey roof with a pediment roof (carp tile). 

The northern wing, basement, ground floor and also it is covered with a pediment roof (carp tile). 

A square extension of the north wing from the east, two-storey, covered with a tent type roof (carp tile). Wooden ceilings between storeys. Windows and doors woodwork. 

No less spectacular is the park surrounding the palace. It was founded in the second half of the 18th century, rebuilt in the fourth quarter of the 19th century into a scenic landscape with romantic features, but its original compositional elements, such as a hornbeam loom that transformed into a linden alley and a room layout, were preserved. It stretches south of the palace on the surface of just over 2 ha. The species composition of the stand itself is extremely interesting, because there grow oaks, limes, maples, spruces, beeches and hornbeams. The palace was led by beautiful hornbeam hedges, 2-3 meters high, regularly cut. The rakes that were unformed after 1945 took the form of a tree with characteristic distortions at the level of former formation. Ponds adjoin the park, connected by a ditch with the Wilczkowo Lake.

Type: Villa

yardage13 841 sqm
yardage202 ha

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