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How is it to live on the border of Monaco?

Monaco borders with three towns: Cap d'Ail, Beausoleil, Roquebrune Cap Martin.
Proximity of Monaco makes all of those towns, very interesting places to live in French Riviera.


Cyprus Citizenship

The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment program offers the fastest and most assured route to gaining a European passport through investment in real estate. It is quick and guaranteed and is available to investors who have sufficient funds to invest €2.5 million into real estate, either residential or commercial. No other European golden visa program guarantees such assured results offering an EU second passport in just two to three months.


Purchase of Property in Poland

What is the legal status a foreign national must possess in order to buy property in Poland?


Property Purchase Process in UK

How difficult is the property purchase process in the UK?
There are no restrictions on foreign ownership.


Property Buying Process in France & Monaco

Find out how the property purchase process works in France & Monaco, and what to expect after making an offer and signing a contract…

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